Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Corruption in Developing countries

Offcourse we have all heard about the rampant corruption in developing countries at lower leves as well as higher. This piece which concentrates on corruption to see the new born baby in Bangalore sheds light on the fact that how corruption affects the poor most and serves as a tax ranging from 7-15% on them.

Public Affairs Center in India has done household surveys and come out with report cards on level of corruption. This and various other factors have helped reduce the corruption level over three years as seen from these report cards in Bangalore according to the article. A very interesting way to look and do things.

Report card on Bangalore

Its pathetic and humiliating that a mother or a new born has to pay $11 (in case of a boy) and $7 (in case of a girl) to see the face of her newborn. Absoultely disgusting ..

How to deal with corruption, specially the one rampant in day-to-day life. Sunil had a series related to this here.


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