Thursday, June 21, 2007

US Supreme Court & Corporations

In the last two weeks or so US supreme court has given 4 judgements pro-corporations against investors/consumers. And they are very plainly pro-corporation - you dont require to stretch your imagination to any degree. All make tougher to sue corporations for things like plain fraud to wage dicrimination to
1. Supreme Court sides with business again
An 8-1 Supreme Court ruling will make it more difficult for investors to bring class action lawsuits that allege they've been ripped off by companies committing securities fraud.

Supreme Court sides with banks
Supreme Court justices have ruled that Wall Street investment banks and stock brokers are immune from antitrust lawsuits that challenge the banks' and brokers' cooperation when they float IPOs.

A big day for business at the Supreme Court
The Supreme Court released four, unanimous business-related opinions today. There was some bad news for Big Tobacco. And, as Steve Henn reports, it wasn't such a good day for unions either.

High Court Vs. Working Women
On May 29, the Bush Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts delivered what could be a devastating blow to women experiencing discrimination in pay and promotion.

All due to pro-corporate justices choices made over the years.


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Recently the Supreme Court instructed the Seventh Circuit Court to re-review a case, Mitchell v. Collagen Corp., which, in 1995, was decided in Collagen's favor based on federal preemption of state law claims. In addition, the Supreme Court denied the company's petition for review of the Ninth Circuit Court's decision in Kennedy v. Collagen Corporation, another federal preemption case, in which preemption was denied. The Supreme Court's decisions are not an opinion by the Court on the merits of either case.
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